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Nadi Astrology for online astrology

Nadi Astrology for online astrology
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Nadi Astrology for online astrology | online astrologer in india

Nadi Astrology is a form of Indian or Hindu Astrology practiced in Tamil Nadu, Kerela and adjacentregions in southern India. This form of online india Astrology has been derived from the ancient Tamizh script written in Vetteluttu language by Rishi Agathiyar, who wasinspired by Naadi palm leaves, a leave that are first located based on thumb impression. These leaves were become famous at the British colonial era by practitioners around the VaitheeswaranTemple situated in Tamil Nadu. Later the British colonialists showed interest in these leaves for their herbal or medicinal properties and future predictionthumb impression found on the leaves. Stored onTahnjavur’spremise’sSwaraswatiMahal Library, some of these leaves got destroyed and remaining,which were in good condition auctioned during the British rule. Naadi palm leaves were obtained from British by the families of online astrologer in india at the Vaitheeswaran Temple andleaves onwhich past, present and future of humans written have been passed to one generation to another of these families down the years.

Nadi Astrology is based on the belief that the Hindusages of the ancient India were foreseen the past, present and future lives of all humans and recorded on palm leaves.Nadi palm leave were named after the rishis and sages who actually recorded these findings, as per belief.These palm leave scriptures were classified thousand year ago during the reing of Chola community in South India. Recorded matters related to past, present and future of humans either in poetry form or in sonnets are not easy to read. Only expertastrologers who have been studying thesescripturesrecoreded on Nadi palm leaves over many years can read. There are various types ofNadis that were recorded by sages and rishis of ancient time, writing large number of horoscopes in advanced. Different Nadis use different techniques and method in order to classify or index these horoscopes. Nadis like Agastya Nadiclassifies written horoscopes based on thumb impression. ChandrakalaNadisuses NadiAmsa for indexing and classification of horoscopes.BhriguNadis usesyear of birth of the concerning person for indexing. DefferentNadis use different astrological system for prediction. Nadi writers written mostly predictions and much of astrology information were not present. Therefore it is difficult to find out which system is being used.

Calculation and prediction is done in Nadi Astrology based on written matters recorded on the Nadi palm leaves. Nadi Astrologers uses the indexing and classification techniques to find out the right predictions for a client and reads out the predictions written in front of him or her. The predictions of Nadi Astrology are not always 100% accurate, as this system of Astrology is based on written or recorded horoscope and as Nadi writers writes only predictions, not astrological information and method of prediction. The libraries that store the Nadis are not able to store all the Nadis, as there are large number of Nadis were written by sages and rishis. Therefore finding out the right one for a client also is tough.


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