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vashikaran mantra for love marriage

vashikaran mantra for love marriage
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Vashikaran Mantras for love marriage are so strong and powerful that chanting of these Mantras in proper manner can give the desired result. Many people resorted to these Mantras or other Tantric rituals in order to fulfil their dreams or foradding colours to life. When it comes to marriage, women often try to design their life according to their own desires. Man also isno exception when marriage is concerned.

If a women is desiring for a person to marry her or want a man whom she love and want or desiring for anexact man to be her husband, then uttering the marriage mantra will be helpful.  Men will also get benefit by chanting Marriage Mantras if they have the similar desire. All are need to get the advice of an expert mentor and follow the given instructions properly.

The Mahadev Mantra for Marriage has the power of giving reflexive turn to gain some point in terms of getting married to desired man. This Mantra is meant for offering prayer to Lord Shiva to get a husband of a women’s own desire.


Om GauripatiMahadevay MamIschitVarShigraAtishigraPraptyarthamGaurayeeNamah.


  1. Starts from PratipadaTithi. According to Indian mythology this is the first day after no moon.
  2. Use Rudraksh Rosary.
  3. This Mantra is to be chanted 11 times continuously for 21 consecutive days.
  4. At the end of the sadhana Lord is to be worshiped and sweets to be distributed among the Brahmins.
  5. Mantra for love and arranged marriage remains same.

Powerful Durga Mantra is there for the guys who are willing to marry their desired girl or women. The women would be of their choice or their girlfriend. To fulfil this dream a man have to recite this Mantra properly and with devotion.


The Durga Mantra is,PatneemManoramaamDehiManovratanusarineemTarineemDurgSansaraSangarasyaKulodBhavaam

SuchiDevhi Mantra is, Om DevendiraniNamstubhyamDevendraPriyaBhaminiVivahamBhagyamarogyamSheeghramLabham Cha Devi Me.


  1. The person who is reciting the Mantra should think of a girl with all the qualities he requires in her.
  2. The person will have to chant the Mantra in his own and without help of anybody.


There are many other Mantras for quick Marriage and for stopping divorce or get divorced couple together. Some of these Mantras are powerful vashikaran Mantra for love marriage, Katyayani Mantra, Bhagawati Mantra, Sreegra Marriage Mantra, SwayamvaraParvathi Mantra etc. These Mantras are to recite or chant some 108 times, some thousand times or some for ten thousand times. It all depends on the directives. The details of reciting and other details related to chanting of these Mantras will be given by an expert mentor or Vashikaran specialist. There are many Muslim  vashikaran Mantra for marriage that too are very effective and gives best result. Some of these Mantras are AaytulKursi or Durud Sharif and many more. These Mantras are also chanted with following proper instruction. vashikaran mantra are usually in hindi and english both language.

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