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Love Marriage Astrology

Love Marriage Astrology
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How to get love marriage astrology by name,date of birth in hindi,enlish or tamil

In modern society boys and girls often fall in love with each other they frequently meet at college, work place and other places. Some even fall in love seeing once a boy or a girl that makes them to marry each other. Marrying with a boy or a girl of someone’s own choice is called the love marriage. In love marriage preference of bride and groom is primary; their parents’ choice is considered as secondary. On the basis ofmutual agreement between a boy and a girl love marriage becomes successful. But sometime obstacle and hurdles are to face by boys or girls willing to marry someoneof their own choice. Therefore this area of major concern, particularly for those in love relationship is not untouched by Astrology. Prediction madebyexamining the houses and planets concernedof love marriage in Astrology. This is called the love marriage Astrology.

In order to evaluate stability of someone’s love and if there any chance of occurring any problem for him or her, 5th house, 7th house, 11th house and Venus position in the concerned person’s horoscope is examined. 5th house in horoscope gives important clues on one’s love life, closeness and intimacy. Whereas 7th house get an Astrologer the information the chemistry between a boy and a girl concerned. 11th house is examined to evaluate how a person maintains a relationship. Venus and 5th house, these two planets and houses are primarily behind any kind of romantic relationship or love affair. If Venus and the 5th house are connected with 2nd house, 7th house and 11th house in a person’s horoscope, he or she will be involved in a successful love relationship, which will beconverted into marriage. Venus is the primary planet for love affair or romantic relationship. If Venus is not placed in right position in a person’s horoscope, he or she will never be able to get love in life or if get will not be able continue the relationship. If Venus is in 5th house insomeone’s horoscope and in connection with 7th house, it will bring successful love marriage to his or her life. When Venus is in 5th house in someone’s horoscope, it means he or she will lead a romantic life always. If Venus is combusted or debilitated in someone’s horoscope, that means there is a question in love life. These are the primary factors involved in horoscope regarding to love. There are many other calculations that too are to make in order to get to the root why a person is not successful in his or her love life.

Astrologers calculate planet position and connection with other houses to evaluate the love life of a person and if there is any obstacle regarding his or her love life. Predictions are made in that way by Astrologers. Right position of Venus in a person’s horoscope and connection with the above said houses is important to be in good relationship and to marry the person one love.

Pandit Vishal Sharma is giving love astrology in below given aspects

love Marriage astrology by date of birth free

love Marriage astrology by date of birth in hindi,tamil,english

love Marriage astrology by name

love Marriage astrology by calculatar



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